Rainbow Of Colors

I’ve always found rainbows to be a bit mystifying. I don’t know when I’ll catch one or how clearly I’ll be able to see it. I find it to be a happy surprise when I encounter one unexpectedly but it doesn’t seem to take long for it to disappear. Rainbows remind me of life. They’re beautiful, uncertain, mesmerizing, and fleeting.

I believe that the world is full of color but that it’s tempting to block out the color and get lost in the black and white. After all, seeing color tends to make things more complicated and difficult.

People want to know when things are “right” and when they’re “wrong”. Either you do this or you do that. Are there ever really only two choices in a decision? I don’t think so. I think each choice consists of multiple choices. I believe this to be true because we make decisions based on feelings and we rarely ever feel only one emotion at a time. We can feel happy and calm, sad and angry, or stressed and excited, to name a few examples. If we allow ourselves to be open we can feel anything and everything all at once. I think that’s when it’s easier to think in terms of black and white. If things are either right or wrong you don’t have to recognize a multitude of feelings. Feelings can be wonderful but they can also be disruptive. Nobody else can dictate our feelings; how we feel is up to us. Since feelings are so subjective there can’t be a right or wrong way to feel. If there’s no right or wrong then it should be easy, right? This is the tricky part, since there is no right or wrong each individual has to decide for themselves how they feel about something and what they want to do with that feeling. I can understand the pull towards having someone tell you what to do or how to feel. Believe it or not, it can be easier to let someone else decide things for you. If you go along with how other people see things you don’t have to worry about upsetting them. Once you acknowledge your own feelings you’re faced with figuring out your own truth and your own life. If what you want doesn’t match up with other people’s expectations/ideas for you that’s when seeing things in color becomes difficult. It can be hard work fighting to have and to follow your own feelings. It’s also ultimately your only choice if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life for yourself.

Being with our own feelings can temporarily leave us feeling out of control. It’s scary and anxiety producing to feel as though one doesn’t have complete control over his or her life. I think it’s great to have a plan and to strive towards whatever goals you create for yourself. Having a structure put in place can feel containing and it can help us take action and achieve the things we want. But, I also believe it’s necessary to recognize we can never know without a doubt what will happen and where life will take us. If we open our eyes to all the beautiful colors in the rainbow the sky can look incredible even though it can be terrifying. When we’re viewing life through black and white lenses we can easily miss amazing opportunities because they didn’t fit into our original plan or somebody else’s plan for us.

Life is complex because people are complicated. We are meant to grow and change as we continue moving forward. Seeing the colors in the rainbow means letting yourself be who you are. There will be surprises whether or not you take the path originally intended. Since life has a way of throwing unexpected things at you open yourself up to everything. But first, trust yourself. Trust that you can handle all the good and bad things that will be thrown your way once you allow yourself to see all those glorious colors.

Seeing black and white is a way of letting others decide your life for you or kidding yourself into believing you can control things. Even though it’s scary to see all the beautiful colors surrounding you, doing so allows you to feel however you feel and choose whatever life you want for yourself.

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